Leading 5 Destinations Not to Miss When You Journey to Kansas City


Kansas City, Missouri - not to be perplexed with the other Kansas City, Kansas - is a vibrant and historically abundant city that will indeed have many amazing places to see and things to do if you are going to. Located approximately 250 miles western world of St. Louis, set right on the boundary of Kansas, this city is one of the one cities in america that is really added to two state borders, the Kansas aspect and the Missouri aspect. It's important to notice that the Missouri aspect is where all the fun and excitement occurs, from the revitalized downtown area, the many museums and the historical districts, remembering the rich history of the great city. Over the Kansas side, the town consists mostly of suburbs and is actually lacking in any areas of real interest.

During the early 1800s, this city was a genuine staple to the wagon trains and settler routes that defined America. The town financially suffered during the Civil War but was later revived during the railroad tycoon trend that saw thousands of stockyards populate the state of hawaii. Today, the town boasts a mixture of ethnicities and ethnicities that contain spawned a captivating and exciting, newly revitalized downtown area complete with an astute combination of arts, sciences, shopping districts and professional athletics teams which have certainly received Kansas City its right as a vacation spot, mid-western city on the united states map. If you plan on traveling here, make sure you checkmark some of these must-see locations.

Kansas City Zoo: One of the largest and most complete zoos in the whole US, this zoo provides an amazing two hundred plus acres of land which it sits on. It is so large, in reality, that they have even trams that take visitors from one end of the zoo to some other, as it might easily take half an hour to walk to both ends on foot. The zoo offers pets or animals from round the world which is so popular that the playground sees nearly three quarters of a million visitors yearly. Don't forget to visit a guided coach travel of the zoo, to seriously enjoy all the exhibits that it has to offer.

Westport: A complete must-see when you travel to Kansas City, MO. Perhaps the oldest historical district in the complete city, and in the state for that matter, a few of the red brick complexes in this area are so old that they used to serve as supply outposts for settlers and pioneers. Apart from the history and the countless preserved complexes, this district is adorned with a plethora of unique eateries, art galleries, nightclubs, boutique stores and cafes.

18th & Vine Region: This is actually the number 1 place you need to SEE if you find yourself in this great city. Fondly referred to by musicians round the world as, 'The Birthplace of Jazz,' this location was the stomping grounds of some of jazz's greats including: Charlie Yardbird Area, Count up Basie, Joe Turner and Ella Fitzgerald, merely to name a few. Places not to be overlooked include: American Jazz Museum, Horace M. Peterson III Guests Center and Jewel Theater. On an additional note, this is actually the here top tourist destination in the city, so do not forget to draw this on your must-see list.

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art: Experience a few of the most famous art parts on the planet firsthand. Just to let you know about a several artist's works that you can see here, they include works by the following masters: Homer, Caravaggio, Monet, Titian, Rodin, Renoi, and many more. The museum offers several areas, including a genuine Egyptian tomb, a Chinese area and even a sculpture garden. A complete Must-See!

Kemper Museum of Modern day Art: There are various facets to the great museum of contemporary arts. From above, the building has been made to appear to be a parrot with spread wings flying. Inside, onlookers can enjoy a few of the most prominent modern artworks on the globe. From Natural herb Ritts, to Robert Juarez, if you happen to be Kansas City, MO, just be sure to set aside a few hours to peruse this great museum.

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